Insurance Claims
Anchor assists the Insurance Adjuster with an insurance claim at any stage of the loss adjustment process.

Anchor has extensive experience with the loss adjustment process which helps bring about a harmonious resolution to construction claims issues while working closely with the Insurance Adjuster and the Insured.

A systematic approach is implemented to establish a fair and reasonable scope of repairs that is agreeable to all parties.

Anchor assists in claims involving:
- Public Adjusters
- Owner appointed Building Contractors, Architects and Engineers
- Negotiations with contractors

Determine Reasonable Repair Costs:
- Establish an agreed scope of work
- Establish a competitive bid situation with multiple contractors
- Apples to apples bid comparisons
- Negotiate with contractors

Cause of Loss:
- Determine the cause of loss
Coordinate professionals and experts to establish the cause of loss

Cost Estimates:
Anchor produces detailed construction cost estimates
The cost estimates are tailored to suit the loss:
Cost estimates can be presented in a variety of formats:
- Trade by Trade
- CSI (The Construction Specifications Institute)
- Area by Area, such as room by room
- Custom breakout according to any criteria that is identified to
assist in the resolution of the claim.
- Break out costs according to any criteria such as:
Building ordinance, code up grades
Break out enhancements

Insurance Claims Involving:
Fire loss
Water Damage
Earthquake damage
Mold and Hazardous Materials
Defective Construction
In Course of Construction loss